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This system was given a US patent in 2001 and has been used by many doctors who have seen rave results.

Now it is being offered as a use at home Photo Therapy Protocol.




  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is a groundbreaking herpes treatment consisting of a safe, non-prescription solution developed by IMULUX LTD and a specially designed ultraviolet (UVA) lamp.


  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is very simple to use. The application of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is a simple, two-part process. First, the photon lending topical solution is applied to the cleansed outbreak area. Then, the special ultraviolet (UVA) light treats the area for about 10 minutes (up to 30 minutes for the most severe cases). The affected area usually tingles and a temporary color change of the solution occurs. Once the area changes from yellow to red and the tingling stops, the treatment is complete.


  • A PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment stops outbreak pain immediately and helps to heal viral infections. Even better, PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES actually helps to teach your body to eliminate the virus internally, and helps stop future outbreaks.
    Medical science has known for decades that the herpes virus cannot live in the presence of ultraviolet light (UVA) but have found it all but impossible to deliver UVA light directly to the herpes virus which hides in the blood cells, nerve ganglia cells, and soft tissues of the body beneath the skin. The skin of the human body not only reflects UVA light but also absorbs almost all of it. The cell wall of the virus also reflects and absorbs UVA light, thus it is almost impossible to deliver light to the cytoplasm of the herpes virus. The IMULUX solution (a harmless photon lending solution) safely penetrates the human skin and the cell wall of the virus allowing UVA photons of light to pass through the skin and cell wall of the virus unaltered. The virus is now exposed to pure UVA photons of light immediately killing the virus.

Does PHOTO-THERAPY work on all viruses?

  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES works effectively on many of the HHV (human herpes viruses), provided there is a skin outbreak. This includes oral, genital and shingles (herpes zoster). PHOTO-THERAPY also works effectively on HPV; Papilloma (a general class of viruses known to be responsible for genital warts). It has even been found in clinical studies to be an effective treatment for common non-genital warts.  Success in the treatment of Psoriasis and even Actinic Keratosis has been demonstrated. Success is achieved by applying the photon lending solution to the affected area in the first 24 to 96 hours of an outbreak. The solution is absorbed by the cell wall of the virus. When exposed to the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment light, the solution transfers pure photon energy to the infected cells, which effectively eliminates any outbreak.  The virus is literally blown into pieces with this protocol. This, in turn, stimulates your bodies natural process of producing antibodies, much like an immunization.


  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES, in research and development since 1974, has been used to treat thousands of people successfully. In fact 93% of all treatments have proven effective in stopping outbreaks on first application. The success rate rises to 99% on the second treatment. In rare cases three or more applications are required.

What if my physician has never heard of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES?

  • Since PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES has just recently been introduced to the world market, it is likely that your physician has not yet heard of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES In this case, please refer your physician to our website or have them contact Dr. Stoneburner at for further information.

Can I use PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES on delicate areas such as my eyes?

  • For PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES to be used on places such as the eyes the treatment should be supervised and guided by a health care professional only. Please consult your doctor before attempting to treat yourself in this case.

Can I use PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES if I have no visible symptoms?

  • No.

Can I use the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment if I am pregnant?

  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is not recommended for women during pregnancy, even though it has not been found to have any side effects. As with anything while you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your physician.

Can I use IMULUX if I have AIDS or some other immune deficiency?

  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES scientists have found no side effects from using the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment on patients with a compromised immune system; however we would recommend that you consult your physician.

Are the products sent discreetly?

  • All orders are sent in a plain unmarked carton with a return address from Dr. Jon Stoneburner.

What name will show up on my credit card?

  • There will be no mention of herpes anywhere on your statement. Dr. Jon Stoneburner will appear on your credit card statement.

How long does PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES last?

  • All available data indicates that there is no time limitation to the effectiveness of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES. The vast majority of patients report that since treatment, their outbreaks have never returned.

What are the side effects of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES?

  • PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES has been tested thoroughly and found to be completely safe. Although the IMULUX solution may stain the treated area for a few days, it is harmless. Early clinical trials reported that fewer than 3 individuals per 10,000 applications experienced an allergic reaction to the activated solution at the lesion site, which were easily resolved with a mild topical steroid cream. A skin sensitivity test can be done prior to use on patients especially sensitive to skin allergies, PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is not recommended for women during pregnancy, even though it has not been found to have any side effects.

How quickly will I see results?

  • Results are immediate. Pain should subside at the end of the treatment. Scabbing of lesions also begins at the end of the treatment. Healing of lesions is noticeable within 24-48 hours.

How can it work if it isn’t a drug?

  • In its attempt to control the herpes virus, medical science treats the body with various chemicals, only to find that the virus can mutate and become more virulent -- or that the medicine does more harm to the body than it does to the virus. PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES is the first medical treatment without dangerous side effects with the ability to kill herpes viruses no matter how resistant they are to prescription drugs.

Do I need to continue using your product forever?

  • No. The beauty of the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES difference is that 93% of all treatments have proven effective in stopping outbreaks on first application. The success rate rises to 99% on the second treatment. In rare cases three or more applications are required.

Does PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES come with a guarantee?

  • Yes. At PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES customer service and confidence in PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES are extremely important to us. We back this guarantee with a full money back guarantee.

Can I save money and purchase only the med packs and use a different light?

  • No. For your PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment to be effective you must you use both the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment light combined with the photon lending med packs. The PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES guarantee is invalid utilizing any other light source as your treatment is likely to fail.

What about other alternative medicine procedures I find on the Web? Will they work?

  • We have investigated many of them, only to find they do not meet the promises they advertise. Because PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES goes beyond suppression and does not require the continuous application or consumption of medications with serious side effects, it is in a class by itself compared with other products.

How does PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES compare to anti-virals like Valtrex, Famvir or Acyclovir?

  • Clinical investigators find the benefits of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment to exceed any benefits received from conventional accepted medical protocol and treatment regimes. Current anti-viral therapies cannot make claims of complete safety and effectiveness because they do have side effects, some serious, and suppression of symptoms can take several days. Investigators of PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES consistently report immediate (within 24 hours) results from PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES.

What exactly is the herpes virus?

  • For more information about herpes viruses, please visit the Understanding Herpes section on the pull down tab of the Home page.

I’m not sure I have Herpes.

  • It is important to be professionally diagnosed by a health care professional. If you do not have the herpes virus active in your body, this treatment will not work to eliminate your symptoms. Please contact your physician prior to purchasing the PHOTO-THERAPY FOR HERPES treatment.

I have just conducted my phototherapy treatment and my lesions did not fluoresce. What should I do?

  • There are several reasons this may occur. Please contact customer support immediately for guidance.

What should I do if I have another outbreak?

  • There are many classifications of the herpes virus and numerous sub-types. It is possible for a patient to harbor multiple strains of the virus or be re-infected with another strain of the herpes virus. Should this occur please see our wellness program as part of The PHOTO-THERAPY guarantee.



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