This system was given a US patent in 2001 and has since been incorporated in many doctors offices.


This revolutionary discovery in on the cutting edge of the newest herpes treatments.

Fantastic results have been achieved using phototherapy UVA protocols for the treatment of


which is also known as Herpes Simplex 2 and as


treatments which is also known as Herpes Simplex 1.



My name is Dr. Jon Stoneburner and in 1970 I made a discovery that would help change the life of thousands of people suffering from Herpes and Papilloma viruses (genital warts). This discovery was granted a US patent in 2001 after years of scientific research and testing.

Current research tells us that the herpes virus lives and hides deep in the nervous system and soft tissues of the body during the “inactive stage” where it is almost impossible to find and destroy. This is a fact that no researcher will deny.

The virus must enter a host (such as a blood cell or nerve ganglion) in order to replicate (multiply and infect) or the “active stage”. This is a fact that no researcher will deny.

The herpes virus does not survive well in the presence of hyper oxygenation or the presence of ultraviolet light. This is a fact that no researcher will deny.

Rather than try to find a way to get to the viruses that were hiding I found a way to trap the virus during the replication stage (active outbreak) as if it were in jail. Science has found a way to deliver an “atomic bomb” (ultraviolet light and oxygen) to the home of the virus while in this active stage which causes the virus to expand 300 times its normal size in milliseconds, like an atomic explosion, instantly causing the virus to disintegrate into microscopic pieces that the body can use to form antibodies.

The protocol I will tell you about is the first of its kind and has helped thousands live an outbreak free life.

It is my sincere wish that you can use this and get a second chance at life again.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Jon F. Stoneburner


Phototherapy techniques succeed where other remedies and treatments for


fail, effectively combating the Herpes Simplex virus through a safe uncomplicated approach based on sound medical evidence.

The phototherapy UVA is also effective on


Human Papilloma virus or


For elimination of symptoms at a greater than 93% rate of permanent remission, this may be the most effective herpes treatment in modern medical science.



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