PHOTOTHERAPY for Genital Herpes Treatment Directions

Read through all instructions carefully before beginning treatment





Your IMULUX for Genital Herpes Treatment Kit Includes:

1.   The IMULUX treatment fixture and lamp.

2.  Three PHOTOTHERAPY Genital Herpes Powder containers, and  three Activating Solution bottles.




STEP #1 Clean and Scrub lesion. This should be done for 30 minutes, by soaking in a hot bath just prior to administering the procedure. 


STEP #2 Puncture and open the scabs or blisters in the area to be treated. This can be accomplished by one of the following methods:

1.       Scrub the blisters until they are open or even oozing.

2.       Use a sterilized needle to prick open the blisters. 

Important: For successful treatment the PHOTOTHERAPY solution must be allowed to enter the open scabs or blisters.  Take great care in making sure the scabs or blisters are properly opened.


STEP #3 Tap the Genital Powder container softly several times on a flat surface to knock the contents to the bottom then carefully unscrew the top.   


STEP #4 Unscrew the top of the Activating Solution bottle and carefully pour into the Powder container approximately ½ of the solution.


Stir the mixture with the cotton swab until the solution turns bright red.  The red solution is now ready to apply directly with the cotton swab to the cleaned and scrubbed lesion site.  Note the solution only has an effective life of about two hours so do not mix the solution until you are ready to do the treatment. 


STEP #5 Paint the open lesion site, using the cotton swab, with the red solution.  There should be no pain or burning associated with applying the solution to the lesion site.  There might be a mild tingling sensation, which is normal.


STEP #6 Plug IMULUX treatment lamp contained in your treatment kit into a 120V outlet.  If your outlet current is different then 120V you must use a voltage adaptor set to change your electric output to match the fixture’s 120V requirement.  The fixture would be destroyed if the adaptor set is not used for voltage other then 120V.


STEP #7 Darken room for light treatment. 


STEP #8 Position yourself so you are comfortable and support the lamp so it is approximately 1 inch above area to be treated.  Turn on lamp by pressing the white switch located on the power cord to the “ON” position.


STEP #9 Expose the lesion site to the IMULUX light for a period of not less than 10 minutes and a maximum exposure of 30 minutes.  (Note: The IMULUX light is an ultraviolet light source, which has been designed with a precise level of intensity and light frequency which delivers specific photons of light necessary for the IMULUX treatment.  When used per these instructions; exposure to the light is harmless to surrounding tissues. Treatment with a light source other than the IMULUX light will be in effective and void the PHOTOTHERAPY guarantee.)


*In the first minute of treatment the lesion site will start to fluoresce. You may experience a mild tingling sensation after one or two minutes and the lesion site may begin to ooze a small discharge of fluid.  Under the illumination of the IMULUX light, this discharge will appear yellow to orange at first and then turn a darker yellow or orange.  As the virus is destroyed, the color change takes place.

*The tingling sensation may subside after as little as 10 minutes or continue for up to 30 minutes.  If the tingling sensation ends in less then 10 minutes continue the treatment for the minimum exposure time of 10 minutes.

*When the discharge has changed to darker yellow or orange, or when the tingling sensation subsides, the procedure is complete.

*Pain and irritation should be gone immediately after the procedure.


STEP #10 Bathe and clean the treatment area with soap and water immediately following completion of treatment.


Attempt to keep the area dry for the next 24 hours.

STEP #10  Two additional treatment “med paks” are enclosed should you need additional treatments as a result of treating too soon or too late.  Sometimes individuals will treat a skin rash that is not herpes but rather a “jock itch” or fungal infection.  Should you make this mistake additional “med paks” are provided.




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